Marcus Nannini has been published


Mr. Nannini began his journalism career when he published his own newspaper in the sixth grade and charged 25 cents per school quarter for the privilege of reading the only hand-written copy of each edition. The newspaper was a modest success. During his undergraduate years he was a paid newspaper reporter and also worked three semesters as the research assistant to journalism professor Richard Stocks Carlson, Ph.D. Nannini is a life-long history buff with a particular interest in World War II and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He once discovered an error in his fifth grade history book concerning the attack. Nannini's continuing curiosity over several Japanese aerial photographs and the turtling of the U.S.S. OKLAHOMA lead him to write CHAMELEONS, AN UNTOLD WORLD WAR II STORY, first as a screenplay followed by a full-length novel. Nannini currently writes on a full-time basis. Look for more books from him in the near future along with articles he has composed for WORLD WAR II HISTORY MAGAZINE CASEMATE PUBLISHERS UK-BLOG AND MILITARY HISTORY NOW.