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K. Patrick Malone is the author of five multi-award winning small press horror novels: Inside a Haunted Mind (2007), The Digger's Rest (2008), An Unfinished House (2009) and The House at Miller's Court (2011), The High Art of Haunting (2018) and the forthcoming A Galley of Shadows (2020) along with two collections of award winning short stories: Beyond the Pale (2013), Beyond a Dark Door (2014) ; all supernatural tales with a distinctive voice driven by finely detailed characters that tug at your heart or grab you by the throat and that critics describe as nothing less than "Riveting."

  • A Gallery of Shadows
  • The Hight Art of Haunting
  • Beyond a Dark Door: 4 Unnerving Tales of Monsters, Misfits and Men
  • Beyond the Pale: 5 Arresting Tales of Love & Other Hauntings
  • The House at Miller's Court
  • An Unfinished House
  • The Digger's Rest
  • Inside a Haunted Mind