Dick Waters has been published


I was born in Boston Massachusetts and grew up in the small town of Wilmington about 20 miles north. I believe things happen the way they are supposed to, and my parents move to that town couldn’t have been better. Instead of growing up in the city, I had the opportunity to enjoy playing sports with friends wherever we could find an open lot, or a farm field. There were even the opportunities to not only avoid a friend trying to tackle me, but where best to land to avoid a recent cow’s contribution to natural fertilization. In school, I wasn’t the worst student, but not the best by a long-shot. Foreign language was my worst, and English classes a close second. I wanted to be an architect, so having Latin and years of a foreign language was a requirement for college. I smile now that I have a love for writing, and remember the days I was asked what Shakespeare was trying to say. I only had a slight clue. In contrast, when I write, I write so people understand what I am trying to say. I also write short chapters from different points of view. I like the process of taking an idea, and developing it into full-length novels. When presented with a picture, with or without word prompts, I can quickly come up with a story line. Some of my Flash Fiction stories won in competition. Two of my books are Anthologies, one of those is a publication of just 250-word short stories, many are the winners of that competition, and others that I personally enjoyed.

After forty years working in high tech companies in Massachusetts; Sylvania, Honeywell, Wang Laboratories, I obviously didn’t succeed in my early goal to be an architect. However, my talent for business process analysis along with a gift for detailing improved methods, allowed me to create designs for better computer aided applications. So, long story short, I didn’t architect buildings, I architected system designs. I loved that work, and I think the results showed that love. A side note is the closest I got to being an actual architect was going to the Boston Architectural center for classes, and working in Harvard Square for an architect’s office. So, what does that have to do with being a writer? Once again, things happen the way they are supposed to, but in this case nothing I had planned for. While working in Arizona for a hospital chain, I developed two cancers. Both required surgery in the same year. In recovery from surgery, reading became about the only thing I could do for weeks. Luckily, I discovered Robert B. Parker (Spencer) and James Patterson (Alex Cross). What I liked about both authors were their short chapters. It was hard to put their books down, even when trying to call it a day. Following my return to work, my dad’s failing health, and my being retirement age, I decided I had enough stress in my life and decided to retire.