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An International Literary Agent, Danielle Hampson is a publishing industry podcasting pioneer who created The Authors Show® - a professional author interview podcast - in 2005, years before podcasting became popular; to date the show has processed 5000+ authors from around the world. Leveraging her access to authors she created the literacy initiative “Give a Book, Get a Smile” that benefits underprivileged communities with limited access to books. Danielle is an accomplished talk show personality and a public speaker on multiple topics. She has conducted many workshops at conferences organized by various organizations, including the Phoenix Writers Club, Florida Authors & Publishers Association, Readers Favorite, Scottsdale Society of Women Writers, SIAS International University in China where she also received a Leadership Award, the AZ Department of Education, the Girls Scouts, and many others. Previously, as an International Business & Marketing Consultant speaking several languages, she traveled the world assisting small and large U.S. & foreign corporations establish a foothold on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific. As the founder & facilitator of a business networking organization with multiple chapters across various states, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs develop and improved their business networking skills, and for several years she served on the Advisory Business Education Council of the Arizona Department of Education. Danielle also serves as Executive Vice President of the Scottsdale Philharmonic, a nonprofit organization that provides free concerts to the public.