Cherie Lee has been published


My first picture book, The Stubborn Fairy, has been released from Allison Books, LLC and is available for purchase online from the publisher or It is a whimsical look into the fantasy world of a small boy who longs for simple pleasures: a dog, a swimming pool and an allowance. Join Roy as he tries to capture the fairy with an attitude.
I'm thrilled everytime my writing is published or I've earned an award like the recent Honorable Mention from Writer's Digest recent contest for Popular Fiction 2009 with the certificate coming in 2010. This award is shared with my co-writer for our story, A Season of Darkness. Best of all we meet online, than met in person.
Curiosity still drives my life. I love to try writing in the science fiction/fantasy worlds, but do drift into other genres when their fingers beckon. Nothing in life goes to waste for a writer. Everything can enhance a story. I love to dwell on the everyday items or happenings and see how they can fit into a story. I floated on a cloud for several hours when I had my first short story, The New Hire accepted and published in Otherworlds 2003 Anthology which inspired me to pursue writing as a career. I did help AAA as their secretary or offering help to the president whenever I can.


  • The Saga of Thundercloud and Dancing Star
  • The Stubborn Fairy